Our World – Leonard Bernstein at Tulsa’s Woody Guthrie Center

Son Logan and Brother Bob from an earlier visit to the Guthrie Center

This past Saturday Heather and I ventured to the Woody Guthrie Center in the Arts District to see their exhibit Leonard Bernstein at 100 co-hosted with the Sherwin Miller Meum of Jewish Art.?

It is hard to believe that he has been dead for almost thirty years. He was certainly bigger than life while he was working. An acclaimed conductor and pianist and composer of West Side Story and many other works of classical and popular mic.

The center has a lot of items such as his piano and personal effects even a broken baton.

He was also an educator. For years, he gave talks on television about classical mic. I’ve seen some excerpts before and he was a great communicator, able to talk about complex subjects in an understandable way.


This is some clothing of his from the 1980’s. I was living near Hoton, Texas at the time and had season tickets to the Hoton Grand Opera and attended the premiere of Bernstein’s Opera, “A Quiet Place” in June 1983. Of course everybody gave the performance a standing ovation and Bernstein appeared on stage wearing an outfit like that above holding his hands together and pumping them up and down and people were yelling “Bernie” like they knew him or something. Or so I have been telling people that story. And now I read that people called him Lenny!! So don’t listen to anything I say. Not that you were, but don’t be mean about it. The link above goes to a New York Times article on the premiere. They hated it. Anything the yokels like in Hoton has to be terrible, right?

They also have a few of Bernstein’s many Emmy (above) and Grammy (below) awards. They also have several videos to view and lots of mic to listen to if you wish.

The guy was amazing and left a huge legacy behind. The Sherwin Miller Meum also has an exhibit at their location that reportedly more emphasizes Bernstein’s Jewish heritage. Checking out that exhibit is on my near term to do list.

Check out Leonard Bernstein at 100 for information all things Bernstein.

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Skywatch Friday – January 2019 Lunar Eclipse

This past weekend we had a stellar lunar event. It was a Full Moon, check, The January full moon is known as the Wolf Moon, check (also known as cold moon.” The moon was close to earth, so it was also a Super Moon becae it was fractionally bigger (although I couldn’t tell) and we had a lunar eclipse going on and with the lunar eclipse the the moon turns a shade of red. Th the Super Duper Blood Wolf Moon. Maybe we like our moons too much?

So here is the moon about an hour or so before anything starts happening. I don’t e my “good” camera to shoot the moon. I have a Canon SX40 SuperZoom. I saw on youtube that with it you jt put the camera on Auto setting and then zoom up the moon until it is a big part of the screen and then click. And you know what? It works. I don’t worry about settings and tripods, I jt hold it in my hand and do it.

And here we are with the eclipse jt starting.

And further almost to a complete eclipse and this is where my method really falls apart becae there is not enough light for the auto settings to work. So the camera ends up with like a 1/10th of a second shutter speed instead of 1/200th like the photo above. So this is out of foc and I had to e some heavy duty editing to amplify the light that did come out. Still not too bad a pic.

And a finale pic


I took my Nikon to work the other day becae of Martin Luther King’s Day and at the end of the work day I ed it to shoot a few shots of the western sky. So that is looking west and includes the Arkansas River. Works much better than the iphone pics I generally post. I’m going to start carrying the Nikon around with me more. It takes much better photos than the phone camera.

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ABC Wednesday – “C” is for Construction Equipment

It has been a while since I have participated in ABC Wednesday. It ed to be one of my favorite meme’s and then life and instagram kind of got in the way. This week’s letter is C so I decided on Construction Equipment.

A small “trackhoe” out in front of our office last year. I’d love to have one of these of my own.

Once upon a time I ed to be involved in construction. As a project engineer I built pipelines, compressor stations, gas processing plants and other pipeline related facilities. I loved construction. It’s basically a scheduling issue: getting your land, permits, materials, and a contractor coordinated.

A trackhoe is basically a backhoe only with treads instead of tires. They are the workhorse of construction.

A trackhoe with a view.

A big trackhoe doubling as a road block.

A regular backhoe. I have seen backhoe operators do some amazing things like moving across a swamp with jt the hoe and front blade and the wheels not touching the ground.

A little cultural difference. Growing up in the mountain west I always heard of this as a Grader. I moved to Texas and they call it a Maintainer.

Pipeline construction is not too exciting. These are called sidebooms and are ed to move a pipeline after it is welded into a ditch. They have counterweights to keep the equipment balanced as it extends the boom out to place the pipeline in the ditch. I have come to find out that the railroad indtry es similar equipment.

Anyway there you have it. Come join the fun at ABC Wednesday

Marching in Tulsa’s 2019 Martin Luther King Parade

Tulsa has a big Martin Luther King Day parade every year in the Greenwood Area north of downtown. I’ve known it was there and I’ve had a couple of employers who sponsor floats and encourage employees to march together but I had never done it mainly becae it is dang cold in January, right!

So this year I broke out of my comfort zone and signed up and got a nifty jacket with a hoodie to wear. I rode the shuttle b from work up to the staging area and spent the next hour and a half freezing like a popsickle while talking with coworkers.

I checked out Tulsa Health Department float while waiting.

And here is the ONEGAS Float.

Finally we went to get in position and off we went.

And it was fun. Lots of people along the way waving so we waved back. Lots of kids were begging for candy and I guess that ed to be done and the organizers ended the practice for some reason.

My employer had a drill team and they stopped it seemed about ever hundred yards or so and performed. I was much impressed, they were good! Above is a video of them practicing before the parade started.

I had a good time and will be back next year. I am not joining the drill team though.

Tulsa Time – Out and About

Orpha’s Lounge in downtown Tulsa. I’ve seen lots of scuzzy people going in and out. I’ve also seen lots of them passed out in front. If you are looking for a good place to go slumming, this might be it.

I was out west of Tulsa in Sand Springs looking for a geocache and spotted this sign. I sure didn’t dump anything there. We love our guns in Oklahoma! Gun owners have all sorts of rights in Oklahoma. The rest of jt need to stay out of their way.

This is the Rock Creek Bridge in Sapulpa. It is a landmark on Route 66. It runs several hundred miles in Oklahoma. That brick on the bridge deck is the original brick put in way back when. Route 66 no longer goes over the bridge. That is one thing I’ve learned about Route 66, the actual roads it goes over has changed continuoly almost from the start.

A bison sculpture on Route 66. I love public art like sculptures.

A big tree out in the middle of an abandoned baseball field in Sapulpa.

I stopped by the an indtrial area of downtown Tulsa to take a look at the Creek Hanging Tree. Over 200 years old and supposedly many a rtler and other criminals have been hung off the branches. Great story right? I can find almost know documentation of it. I googled it jt now and number one on the list is a blog post I did several years ago.

I found this little rock hut about eleven miles from downtown Tulsa in Osage County.

How about you? What have you seen where you live lately?

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Skywatch Friday – Scenes from Kansas

I am punting this week. I reached deep into the archives and searched for “Kansas Skywatch” so this is what I am doing. Why Kansas? I don’t know, Dorothy and Toto were from Kansas maybe. I was in the mood for Sky photos with you know, clouds or a little color. Lately here in Tulsa it has all been either gray skies or nice blue skies.

Here is a Kansas sky with a little color. A little grainy but still, I love